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Custom Fragrance Oils

Custom blend fragrance!

Hi Everyone!, I have decided to offer you guys something unique! I am offering for 1-week custom-made fragrance oil for $25.00 or a sample bottle for $10.00! This is a unique blend that I will make just for you and for an additional $5.00 I will send you a small sample of my fragrance oil “Alluer”!

custom fragrance oils by Nikki Shiva
Shiva Sly Designs offers custom fragrance oils that when your natural pheromones are released combine with these pheromones creating a soft, sensual fragrance unique to you!

This is a unique blend that I will make just for you and for an additional 5.00 I will send you a sample of Alluer! So everyone who knows me knows that I love to blend scents and I have made several for friends who have asked “can you make a custom blend” These friends have suggested that I offer this in addition to the fragrances oils that I recently launched at my last art show, like “Alluer, Nektaria Fresca, and Wildcat”.

How this works is that you will send a request through shivasly.com and share a bit of information about you. What you like your favorite color is, what your favorite sport or hobby is, and with this, I will be able to create a unique scent for you! Once I have created this scent I will share with you what the different fragrance blends are and the medicinal properties that it offers. I will begin this offer soon, so keep an eye out for my new commercial! Have a Great day!

What is most exciting about these custom fragrance oils and the Shiva Fragrance oils, in general, is that it these oils blend with the client’s body pheromones instead of trying to disguise it. When you perspire most perfumes try to hide your natural chemicals creating a need for more perfume or other methods to disguise your natural body odor.

With these organic fragrance oils, there is no need to hide your natural scent because the oils blend with your body chemicals creating a soft refreshing aura around you which is very appealing to others. Just dap a small amount under your arms, behind your earlobes, behind your knees and anywhere else that you like and watch the effect that this oil has on you and those around you.

We should also mention that there are many healing attributes in many of the organic blends which I create. These oils have medicinal properties and depending on the individual blends these can bring serenity, sensual, harmonious feelings to mind when wearing them.

perfume fragrance oils by Nikki Shiva 

I will begin this offer soon giving me time to have this promotion added to my store for purchase. Also once I have created your unique scent I will share with you what the scents are and the medicinal properties that it offers (if any) and keep the ingredients for you for your future purchases. Keep an eye out for my new commercial because I will launch this offer shortly after  Have a Great day! PS Any questions DM me.