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Fine Art

Fine Art

fine artWhen we think of fine art we the of art that is pleasing to the eye, relating to us on an emotional level or of art which has stature and value.

When you look up the definition to the word “FineArt” within the first paragraph you read “art developed primarily for its aesthetics or beauty”. Fine art can range from art, music, crafts, fashion, home decor and landscaping.

The more prominence that you give to your creation the more it is seen as fine art.

When you begin to integrate your love for beauty by creating a theme around you, you begin to show your very essence and creativity. Learning to cultivate your worlds such as your business, home, and office you create a cohesive statement about yourself.

Creating a theme that flows from one to the other conveys someone in complete balance and harmony which comes from with and is expressed by its surrounding, much like the even flow created when using Feng Shui as shown in the Spruce.

Once you recognize that your environment is a direct expression of you, a new desire is born to manifest a cohesive story.

Vibrant or pastel colors, floral designs and arrangments, cobble stones and bedding, wall coverings and patios share an insight into who you are.

When we hire a decorator or a designer we are hiring them to create this very image. We are asking them to create a cohesive representation of who we are to the world. This is why it is very important to know yourself and what you wish to convey to others.

Having more than one decorator or designer can create a confusing story, but having a single decorator or designer who has an overall view of who you are and what you want will be a dynamic expression of yourself.

Let us start from the side of the home;

We will usually have our home decor based on the color pallet of the walls in the home or the floor design of the home.

HGTV has on their website 11 steps that their Interior designers look for. Katie Leavy from Capital Design in Washington DC says “The first step being the purpose of your room; will it be used for a family comfort or for entertaining guests.”

Reader’s Digest in a blog “What Interior Designers notice as they enter your home” say’s “The first thing that I look at is the space” Founder and interior designer at Designs Mac.

We hear from The Spruce Decorating 101 Interior Design Basics by AphroChic that there is a distinct difference between interior designers and interior decorating.  The clear distinction is training and the focal point which is trying to be cultivated.so when looking for assistance with your design keep this in mind.

So when looking for assistance with your design keep this in mind.

fine art by Nikki ShivaWhen I am deciding the art for clients business, office or home, I will take into consideration the color pallet of my surroundings, the floor design as well what has been expressed to me ( likes and dislikes, style of the client are they contemporary, or classic, conservative or visual.

An artwork is an intimate way of expressing oneself. We tend to show our vulnerability, strengths, passions, weaknesses, and desires when we choose to project our surroundings as fine art.

What appeals to some may not appeal to others and it is for this reason that art is such a personal thing.

When you come from a spiritual point of view the cohesion of your home, business, and office decor matters.  I decided to look on Pinterest and saw that everything matters in spiritual decor every nook and cranny says something about the person!

Now when we step outside of our office, business or home we want to make sure our landscape also conveys the same message, so picking a landscape designer who listens, is detail oriented and creative is important.

When I visited Billings Landscaping website what caused me to look further into what they could offer was what they said about their designers “We strive to provide unique landscapes that accentuate your home” because it is important to me that the exterior of my home and business matches the interior as well as myself.

Taking some time to do some will help you to find a designer that will bring to light what matters most to you. In turn, you will be able to share that outwardly with your clients, your family, and your friends.

Through calculated steps and coordinated decor placement, you will be able to make a concise insight into who you are and what you represent.