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Shiva Fragrance Launches!

Shiva Sly Fragrances launches its perfume oils!
fragrance by Shiva
Shivas Sly Fragrance Launch

Origins of Shivas Fragrance

Shiva  Fragrance launches!  Nikki started blending perfumes and oils when she was still a child. Nikki seemed to naturally understand the subtle changes necessary to create delightful fragrances. Nikki has spent years studying the history of fragrances. She studied the history of perfumes ranging from ancient Eygpt to the designer lines from France to New York. For many years she had been asked about the many different fragrances she wore, and all though she gave the information freely her ability to blend the correct balance to her oils have been unmatched. Finally, she was asked to create her own line of fragrances. Now you can experience her passion through her specially blended exotic fragrances!

Shiva Sly fragrances by Nikki Shiva

Nikki Shiva has searched high and wide for a unique perfume bottle to accentuate the exotic scents which she has created. She has chosen not only to use the excepted essential bottles, but also the unique handblown alluring bottles which she found being made in Egypt and Morocco.  These are handcrafted bottles made with pyrex glass highlighted with 18 karat gold, with sizes from 1 1/2″ to 3″. Now you can enjoy the enchanting scents which she has created in a beautiful handblown bottle as well!

Shivas Fragrance Launch is Nikki Shiva’s wishes to share the unique gift given to her. Through the enticing scents of flowers, plants, fruits, and spices from around the world she can create the delights, heavenly scents, sensual musks, and the sheer joy of all that is around us in one little bottle. Try yours today!

Shiva’s fragrances use the finest organic terpenes from plants, trees, flowers, fruits and pure essential oil extracts from nature.

Choose from these fragrances by Shiva Sly:

  • Alluer
  • Buck Wild
  • Wild Catz
  • Paradise
  • Saint Germain
  • Johnny B Good
  • Young Stud
  • Velvet Ice