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New Websites Linked to Shiva Sly

New Websites linked to Shiva Sly

perfume fragrance oils by Nikki ShivaHi Guys! So new websites linked to Shiva Sly
I am so backed up on things that I need to write about that I ask for you to forgive me 😀 So Jophiel Silvestrone is one of the best men I have met! He has created a new website for me http://essentialoilsmontana.com/ I love this layout and am beyond grateful to him for all that he has done for me with all of my sites and sharing of my links ( his company skypoint has been helping me to recreate my image at theuniversalart and helped me to expand on shivasly.com I would love it if you guys would visit his page and the new websites that he created for me 😀 Also I am looking into adding a line of oils to my products with holistic healing abilities and will keep you informed to when this will happen 😀