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Hi, world! Time to tell my journal our next adventure! <3

Namaste ๐Ÿ˜€
I am excited to see my art taking on new heights. I have been added to a small group of artists in the downtown Billings,MT area ๐Ÿ˜€ We were selected to represent the local art scene by the DBA committee in Billings,Mt! We were to be given a traffic box to decal our art onto, I just happened to have been privileged with 2! I do very much appreciate this opportunity to show Montana my work and to take my resume to the next level! Now I look to have my art on as many traffic boxes I would be allowed; and then to move into the hospitality industry, from Billings, MT to Dubai! I am very excited to share this with all of you and look forward to reaching the next level in our endeavor ๐Ÿ˜€ I see you!

Nikki I Shiva <3

Can art impress your guests?

Can art impress your guests?

Can a piece of art help you impress your guests?
Many people do not realize the influence that an art piece can have on company; yet art is found in every business, home, restaurant and even theme park. Art is the greeting that everyone has before they meet you and it communicates an aspect of what you have to offer.
Your art is part of an introduction you have chosen to represent you, much like the clothes you wear or the style of you hair. But your art also represents more than that because it is also connected to a place.
They say that a person can size another person within thirty seconds of meeting someone. If this is true, wouldn’t it be important for you (as a successful being) to have your environment do the same for you?

A ShivaSly original piece
A ShivaSly original piece

So how can a piece of art help you impress your guests? Let’s take a moment and contemplate.
How often have you judged an establishment by it’s architecture? How often has the landscape been a factor? What about the secretary or front desk representative? A sales representative? A hostess? A maitre d’? A chef or housewife?
Everything directly reflects upon the owner of that establishment. It all contributes to the overall image. Yet art is a focal point, so it follows that you will want to take it seriously.
Does a piece of art help you to impress you guests as A CENTER PIECENow look around your business or home and ask yourself “Does my art epitomize what I want to convey about myself (or my business) to others?” “Does it exemplify what I desire to communicate?”
I have been traveling for many years with this thought in mind when I enter a home or place of business and I am constantly asking myself how much thought was put into an art piece when it was picked.
I love to enter a hotel or business and be “wowed”! It makes me want to interact with the establishment or connect with the owner.

An original Shiva Sly piece
An original Shiva Sly piece

A business friend of mine said, “I feel it is important that our goal be to create a reaction of awe, or dare I say a “regal personification” to our guests.”
What you will find with Shivasly art is that I strive to empower you with uniqueness, style, and a cutting edge presence that will represent you well to others.
Your art should tell your clients or guests that this is a person with a unique flare which they should want to know.

Art Decor by ShivaSly™

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Visit the gallery page and see some of our amazing stylish pieces for you to buy now for your home or business. Each piece will share to your clients what your deepest desires want to portray. You will convey that you and your business believes in being unique, creative and stylish. One look is all it will take.
For more information on whole sale pricing, executive prices, large wall murals, art videos for art shows or parties, ย please contact me at