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Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism using Fractals

Abstract Expressionism is a form of symbolism. Expressionistic art relates to our physical world and distorts it for the sake of creativity. Abstract art attempts to be separate from the physical world altogether. But the reality is that people connect with art by relating to it in some way, so there was a need to define a new art movement, hence the creation of abstract expressionism.

Abstract Expressionism by ShivaSly™

Abstract Expressionistic art by ShivaSly is unique in that the artist Nikki Shiva believes that art should create beauty and upliftment. Facilitating happiness, creativity, passion, and beauty is the goal of Shivasly art. Since abstract expressionism is meant to evoke emotion, it follows that the emotions an artist would desire to evoke in others should reflect love. In order to stay connected to that inner harmony, the artist uses fractals derived from mathematics as a foundation for her abstract expressions. The expressionistic aspects of her art appeals to the viewer by drawing relationships to the relative world while the abstract aspect expands the creative mind to connect it with the spirit. The result is a naturally euphoric feeling of well being.