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Abstract SeaLion by Nikki Shiva

Hi, Guys Looking forward to the upcoming  Artwalk!

So I am having an event at the YAM Artwalk Oct 5th, 2018 407 N27th st Billings, MT downtown where I will be showcasing some of my new art pieces! and I am so excited that Mikhail Farbrook agreed to be my Video Producer for this event because we will be presenting a new style of art that has been in the works for some time now! Mikhail Farbrook this is gonna Rock! We will do updates on our progress! See you there!

Nikki Shiva

2018 Artwalk

Hi Guys! 2018 #Artwalk is coming on April 6th

and we will have an amazing show! To follow the countdown or learn more about it visit https://www.facebook.com/billingsartwalk/ Our show is called “Natures Essense” and the featured artists are me :D, Hillary Taylor, Michelle Brooks, Nathan Seaton and Jim Seaton. I want to Thank “Limber Tree Yoga Studio” for allowing us to have this show at their location, it means a lot and is a great location to have it! We will have refreshment so come enjoy the event, and look for this flyer! See you soon!