We are the Universe

We are the universe.
YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE WITHIN UAs we continue on in this life; we begin to feel a deeper connection to the universe.
We begin to remember that our existence did not begin on this earth, but somewhere else.
THE UNIVERSE AS YOU AREIt may seem strange to some that you could have a feeling of missing a home that is not of this world.
It may seem different to some that being bound to the earth by “gravity” is considered normal to others.
It could be that the saying is true’ that some  people are “asleep” while others are “awake”.
What is becoming quite clear is that there is a kaleidoscope of events playing out which gives the appearance of multiple dimensions.
THOR AS THE UNIVERSE WITHINFrom the scientist discovering that we have the very makeup of the universe within our DNA.

To the ancient religions, myths, and folklores telling us of our place in the cosmos.
We see it in our movies being played out by our favorite characters.
We hear it in our mantras and prayers repeated in religious circles. Everywhere we look there is a reminder of the existence of the “more” we feel within our very core.
We have had the pleasure of the “wise” bringing concrete evidence to us by watching nature and studying the tiniest microcosmos.
We have even shared it with others through our art.
YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE WITHINWe now take layers upon layers and magnify deep within an art piece to show you how intricate the subconscious mind of an artist  can expand and release itself.
“Dare to dream and dare to be” is the time we live in. A time where nothing is removed from itself but is instead aware of being a part of the larger self. The unconscious has become the subconscious mind conscious, and in love with itself.
Take a look at the universe and see yourself as you really are.

Art Decor by ShivaSly™

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