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Shiva Sly Gallery brings art to the next level. Our goal is to create an artistic impression that represents you, your home decor and your wardrobe  The images are created using complex algorithms that tell their own story, beauty, and charm. While you take some time focusing and connecting to each piece you will begin to get a feel for the passion and love we have for our art at Shiva Sly. Many of these art pieces are created in high resolution which will bring vivid colors to your home allowing room for wonderful full-size images which can be projected onto any apparel or surface. This allows room for your imagination to flourish. From a mural in your home to a wonderful summer dress, we are constantly creating new ways for you to express yourself.  The only thing between you and a true fashion statement is your imagination.
Shiva Sly Gallery currently has pieces available on wrapped art canvas which really bring to life any piece that you will choose.
These images are signed and numbered and accounted of how many impressions of the particular art edition have been created.
We offer many sizes in between providing you room to be flexible. The canvas is made from a laminated wood with a stretch cloth. To many, the wrapped canvas is most beautiful whether framed or not the look seems flawless. These canvases look wonderful under lights or with the casting glow of direct sunlight. There is something spectacular about a hung art piece on a canvas. Also being that these are computer generated art pieces the vibrant colors that pierce through the canvas will take your breath away!

Shiva Sly Gallery Custom Projects

For more information about custom art projects including large wall murals, metalic art panels, projector art video, custom art wraps, or signed and numbered art prints please contact me by email at theabyssofmemory@gmail or sacredfractals@gmail.com.

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  1. I’ve never had an oil with a scent that causes me to smile as much as yours. The diversity in your concontions always make every sniff different and fun. I highly reccomend 🙂
    Thank you Nikki!

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