My Journal 192, 2018

Hi Guys!

My Journal 192, 2018

I have decided to write my journal 192 for 2018

I have been introspecting about 2018 and Wow! the challenges that were experienced were bountiful, yet the growth and experiences were amazing too. I started  off with 2 amazing art events.;

Custom blend fragrance oils by Nikki Shiva
Shiva Sly Designs offers custom fragrance oils that when your natural pheromones are released combine with these pheromones creating a soft, sensual fragrance unique to you!

The first place is at an amazing yoga center in Billings, MT called #Limbertree where I launched my essential oil fragrance called  Shiva’sfragrance

Next, I had a show at Barjon’s bookstore which I created new art pieces on metal canvases. I was then asked by St.Anrews church if I would be interested in creating an art piece for their church commemorating the pollination of bees and butterflies. I donated the largest art piece that I had ever created to date, so I felt compelled and excited to formulate an image in a multi-genre style, so was very happy with how the image came out.

A Garden Of Colors by Nikki Shiva
A Garden of Colors was created to honor the beauty of nature.

I then went blank, my creative field and turned to help do some work with Billingslandscaping

I learned how to make amazing patios, waterfalls, and landscapes.

Gradually my call to art returned and I got into UV-neon painting.

Now one thing many who have been following my sites know is that I like freestyle work!

Whether it be in dance, singing, drawing etc I love allowing whatever it is that I am working on to manifest itself through me, instead of me trying to control what comes out.

So while watching a Youtube video on Acrylicpouring

I saw a unique way of once again allowing the images to pour through me in this media.

The Ancient One by Nikki Shiva

I had created over 17 art pieces each one portraying something or someone unique,

By the hand of God, I came upon a gift that had been sitting in front of me for years and I had no clue of it.

I was filming an art piece which I had just finished and lifted my hand away from the piece to turn off my phone and the light hit one of my fractal art pieces.

It turns out that many of the fractal art pieces which I created glowed under blacklight, and some even looked like an entirely different art piece!

At this same time, I asked the YAM museum if I could put a few art pieces on display and was told “yes”.

Cosmic Portal created by Nikki ShivaI wanted to show with lighting that the pieces at the museum where UV active but because of the other art pieces on display I was unable to.

The UV light could damage the other artists work and I did not want to take that chance.

I then proposed to a local nightclub called the Loft

a piece called “Cosmic Portal”  in a mad search through several printing companies in Billings, MT I was unable due to finding a company that specifically works with UV ink.

For this reason, I was unable to manifest this dream due to the cost that would be inflicted on the company and so I had to let that go for the time being.

At the beginning of 2019, I got into making bracelets, charms, anklets, and necklaces.

These are made of crystals, stones, and sacred beads, and are in alignment with raising the vibration of others and opening the chakras to allow enlightenment and ascension.

It is now 1/25/19 and we are heading to Vegas to promote my work, get my business name out and share everything that I have been able to create with the world!

I now close my Journal 192 and look forward to sharing with you more of my journey.

I see you 😀

Nikki Shiva

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