Fractal Art and Nature


How are fractal art and nature alike?

When someone looks at nature they do not usually think of math, yet math as “algorithm”  is everywhere we look.  Most do not know of the “fibonacci sequence or fibonacci series” and its relation to the Phi, but this pattern is everywhere.

SUNFLOWER SHOWING THE FIBONACCI SEQUENCE NATURE AND ART It is in the flower that we gaze at with awe and is in the cosmos, when we are staring at the stars. How can this be? and what is the fibonacci sequence?

The fibonacci sequence was first recognized being discussed in the 12th century. Leonardo Fibonacci wrote about it in Liber Abaci. He wrote of a simple numerical sequence which is the incredible mathematical relation behind the PHI. What is amazing is that although it is known today as the fibonacci in dedication to the forthcoming knowledge given to the west by Leonardo Fibonacci. We now know that is dates back to the 6 century AD as knowledge known by Indian mathematicians, North Africa and the Mediterranean.

PHI SYMBOLPHI “Φ” = 1.618033988749895,  is important because it is an irrational number like “pi” p= 3.14159265358979 but one with unusual mathematical properties.  Where pi is a transcendental  number, phi is the solution to a quadratic equation.

Now when we take into account the phi and the fibonacci in nature we understand that there is a common pattern platform governing the design of nature and the cosmos.

RED CABBAGE SHOWING THE FIBONACCI AND FRACTAL ARTOur world is created in a  beautiful design  and she moves in the rhythm of the Golden Ratio. The golden ratio appears in geometry, art, architecture, plants and even our food. We find the golden ratio when we we divide a line into two parts so that;

The whole length is divided by the long part  is also equal to the long part divided by the short part.

LEONARDO DAVINCIS GOLDEN RATIO PIC WITH NATURE AND FRACTAL ARTThe Golden Ratio is the greek symbol PHI. You can  find the sequence of the golden ratio everywhere. Scientists have even proven that the golden ratio is found on the human body first shown by Leonardo Da Vinci  in his art pieces “The Mona Lisa and The Vitruvian Man” and several other pieces that he created.

Throughout history especially during the renaissance time  artist  and architects who were also alchemists like Da Vinci  (1451-1519) made a point of appreciating the golden ratio sequence and it is seen in the structures and art  pieces created by them during that time.

All around us the golden ratio sequence or series is reflective within our world. Many people focus on the underlying balance of the fibonacci series and the golden ratio when they design or choose  their home by the plants that they admire, and by the art that they choose; although very few realize that it is the pattern of the golden ratio which prompts their passion,  admiration and desires.

PIET MONDRIAN PAINTING OF GEOMETRY ART AND NATUREA modern Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) was a deep believer  that math and art were connected. His art pieces of landscapes and abstract art  reflected that.  He like Da Vinci used art to express his logic, nature and point of view.  Mondrian felt any shape is possible to create with basic geometric shapes. The Golden Ratio is one of the basic shapes continuously appearing in his work.

What many do not realize is that fractal art is not new, it just has a new name and is created a little different, but the format is still the same.

COSMIC PORTAL 1Fractal art by Shivasly is the art of our world being given a new expression through the programmer’s knowledge of algorithms which are written to emulate nature and are expressed through the designer’s sense of style, color, scale, proportion,  relation, imagination and human expression.

Art Decor by ShivaSly™

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