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Featuring New Artwork

Featuring New Artwork

featured artworkHi Guys! Well, I still have one project left before my featured new artwork is ready!! Since I know that everyone can’t make this show I want you to know that I will be publishing the photos taken at the art show here, so keep an eye out for that!! For now here is an image of one of my art pieces which is called “Sea Creatures” Some of the featured new artwork will be mounted, while, I have chosen to leave some as just the print for you to frame to your liking!
perfume fragrance oils by Nikki Shiva

I am also attaching the image of my new fragrance bottle logo, which will also be featured at this event! (These are handblown refillable glass bottles for 20.00 to 35.00 each, with sizes running from 2″-3.5″. All refills cost 10.00 and the order must be placed at They come in scarlet red, golden yellow, majestic blue, royal purple, teal green, and decorative assorted glass. We also have the traditional oil bottles available 5ml-30ml)
By the way, I am excited to say I have a commercial in the process of being made right now for my perfume oils! And have had amazing success with my fragrances! Hurrah! I will keep you guys up to date! See you soon!

2018 Artwalk

Hi Guys! 2018 #Artwalk is coming on April 6th

and we will have an amazing show! To follow the countdown or learn more about it visit Our show is called “Natures Essense” and the featured artists are me :D, Hillary Taylor, Michelle Brooks, Nathan Seaton and Jim Seaton. I want to Thank “Limber Tree Yoga Studio” for allowing us to have this show at their location, it means a lot and is a great location to have it! We will have refreshment so come enjoy the event, and look for this flyer! See you soon!

Hi, world! Time to tell my journal our next adventure! <3

Namaste 😀
I am excited to see my art taking on new heights. I have been added to a small group of artists in the downtown Billings,MT area 😀 We were selected to represent the local art scene by the DBA committee in Billings,Mt! We were to be given a traffic box to decal our art onto, I just happened to have been privileged with 2! I do very much appreciate this opportunity to show Montana my work and to take my resume to the next level! Now I look to have my art on as many traffic boxes I would be allowed; and then to move into the hospitality industry, from Billings, MT to Dubai! I am very excited to share this with all of you and look forward to reaching the next level in our endeavor 😀 I see you!

Nikki I Shiva <3

My Art Is Being Featured Downtown Billings, MT

Good morning world!! I just found out that one of my art pieces is on a Traffic Box downtown Billing, Mt! It is on the corner of N Broadway (which is N 28th) and Montana Ave 😀 I would love to hear what you guys think of the piece so give me your feedback! I am also attaching the photos that we took of it!An FYI They forgot to add my logo but said that they will be correcting this asap 😀 Have a Great day!

Art in Billings Montana

There is a new wave of art in Billings Montana thanks to the Traffic signal box program put on by the Billings Downtown Art Committee.  The program was created to beautify the downtown area with local artist’s artwork. The members of the program will commission an artist to create an art piece to be used on the traffic signal boxes. This year I was nominated and will have my art piece shown! I am very excited and wanted to share this exciting news. The art piece is set to show on Sept 17th! I will provide more information once we get closer to the date and the unveiling! Hurrah!!

Holiday Pricing

Hi, guys!
We are also getting the holiday sales out! Buy any two art pieces 18c24 and up get one 18×24 art piece free. Although you will get your piece in two to three weeks you will still get to enjoy the holiday pricing! (Out of the United States length of time on delivery and pricing may vary) Offer lasts till New Year day.
The pieces are on canvas, aluminum frame, and metallic foam boards. I am working towards murals because the details in each piece show dramatically when enlarged.
we also have 8×12 print art pieces available for 14.95 with 3.95 shipping.
We are also introducing mural size pieces ranging from 300.00 and up, just send your measurements to and we will send you back a quote.
Have a great holiday!!
For our family at shivasly the holiday spirit is important, and sharing beauty is also. We wish for our clients to have access to every size that we have available. We will be adding more beautiful artwork for you to choose from. The holiday pricing has been selected because sometimes during the holidays we budget for some things yet find things that we would like but didn’t budget for. We want you to have it all! So we have decided to continue our sale into the New Year to give you the opportunity to have what you want and share the gift of beauty and love with your family.
Know that not only will you be receiving high-quality art which will light up your home, office, or business, but you will also bring the “Wow” factor that you have been searching for into everyone’s lives.
If you have any question about altering the color or the enhancement of a piece please let us know, and feel confident that we are here to bring inspiration to our clients.
Happy Holidays!