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“Light and Sound”

The original symbol of life and death
“The Birth of Pheonix” by ShivaSly The original symbol life and death

Once upon a time there was a girl  named “Light” who was the  daughter and keeper of time and space. One day “Light” decided to wander through the dimensions to see what existed in other realms. She found a dimension filled with color and stopped to admire its beauty.
She suddenly realized that it wasn’t just the brilliant colors that had pulled her into the new dimension, but something which she had heard. Curious she found herself hypnotized and in swift pursuit of the strange calling. Louder and louder the calling thundered in her ears urging her on; until she turned a corner and stopped in her tracks.

Hypnotizing by ShivaSly
“Hypnotizing Sound” by ShivaSly An abstract image of “Sound”

There on a hill stood a boy who seemed to glow brightly, and with his back to her he continued singing a song that flooded everything around him with color; his very presence made all of the beings near him dance and laugh with joy.
“Light” felt moved and called out to him asking who he was; upon hearing her voice he turned, smiled and said his name was “Sound.”
“Light” was mesmerized by “Sound’s” beauty and voice, and wanted to learn all that she could about him. She stayed with him in his dimension for some time enchanted by him, and him with her, until she told him that she must leave, but would return one day to him.

Our universe as first light breaking through the darkness
“A Star is Born” by ShivaSly This piece is to represent what our universe looked like when first light broke through the darkness

“Light” continued on with her journey through the many dimensions learning all that she could about the other universes and galaxies. “Light” found a world filled with illusions and adventure, and she became rather content there; until one day when she felt an aching pain within her heart.
“Light” felt a stirring within, as if something was urging her to turn back in time, and as she turned around she began to remember her past.
“Light” decided she must leave immediately. As she moved through space and time (with a feeling  of her essence fading) she searched on and on with an awareness of impending dome which held strong to her chest. “Light” pressed on as fast as she could, unsure of what was happening, and feeling quite drained she decided to stop and rest; upon doing so a vision of “Sound”  formed within her mind.
In the vision, “Sound” told her that he could no longer wait for her and needed to leave his dimension and begin on his travel to the next dimension.

The Glory to the ankh is on display at the Billings, MT "YAM" (Yellowstone Art Museum)
The Glory to the ankh” by ShivaSly The Ankh is the symbol of light and life “The Glory to the Ankh” is on display at the Billings, MT YAM (Yellowstone Art Museum)

“Sound” kissed her head in the vision and as he did an image appeared on “Lights” chest.
As the vision disappeared “Light” awoke and knew that “Sound” had left his world.
“Light” sat in silence accepting that her friend was gone and bent her head feeling sad that she had been gone for so long. Then an image caught her eye and she saw the gift that “Sound” had left behind for her.
“Light” looked up and shed a tear and put her hand to her chest where “Sound” had left a symbol of the bond they had on her heart.
“Light” felt honored, and to commemorate “Sounds” essence, “Light” created another image and placed it alongside the symbol he left on her chest. “Light” vowed to wear both images through infinity.
Light and Sound have remained bond throughout time, known to all within the secret teachings of the universe, as the symbols “Aum and Ankh”; Sound and Lifeforce.
In dedication to my Spiritual twin:
The Artist Formerly Known As “Prince”
Nikki I Shiva

Our Universe and Art

Our universe at its birth.
Our universe at its birth.

Our universe and art

A few days ago I watched a spiritual documentary which stated that the universe is geometrically based on circles, triangles, cones, ovals and lines. In the world today many do not realize that geometry is the base of our universe; yet it is shown very clearly in our art. When we look around us everything seems to be born with the embodiment of sacred geometric designs within it.

Our universe as first light breaking through the darkness
Our universe as first light breaking through the darkness

This sacred knowledge of the cosmos seems to be hidden within our souls and is shown within our artwork and creative expressions. Within the artistic patterns which we create there seems to be a release at a subconscious level of our spiritual connection with the world and with our universe.

Our universe hidden behind a closed door within our subconscious mind
Our universe hidden behind a closed door within our subconscious mind

We inadvertently expose our deeper remembrance of our divine self through our art, structures and creativity. When we take the time to look around us we will see a global consciousness sharing its love, wisdom and birth in a never ending kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and dimensions.  Always growing, always expanding. always expressing and always reflecting itself. Art is our way of showing that God lives within us and is creating through us and showing this truth in everything that we do.

Our universe as a spiritual energy
Our universe as a spiritual energy

If you have ever question where your creativity comes from look around you. If you have ever questioned the connect “math” has to the universe, look around you. Most artists can tell you that when they create an art piece it is usually fueled by some inner need to express themselves, but very few will say they see the correlation to “math.” As we grow we will begin to truly connect our true selves and all of the sacred knowledge hidden within us will then shine through. This will be a time of great healing when the universal conscious mind awakens to all things being one! Here is a link with a more information about mathematics and art which you may enjoy!

Art Decor by ShivaSly™

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