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Art Walk

2019 art walkWe are excited about the upcoming June 7th  Artwalk!

I have done a few art walks but this one is different. Shiva Sly Designs will be having a fundraising raffle at this art walk for an organization named “Family Services” located at 1824 1st ave N ( which will be moving to a new location soon)!

Family Service

Family Service is an amazing company that has been around for 30 yrs helping the Billings, MT families and the community. It is a company I support highly!

Unlike most companies where donations are given and then used in a stair step leaving little to be used for actual families,

“Family Services” consistently uses their donations for the local families of Billings, MT with needs like utilities, food, clothing, etc.

We take great delight in being able to give back to Billings, MT and this art walk we will be able to do just that.

Artwalk Theme

created by Nikki ShivaThis year’s theme during the art walk will be featuring UV and neon artwork that will be shown under blacklight accentuating the art of each of the artists.

What makes this fun is that it creates a two in one art piece!

We will be holding the event at Limber Tree 212 N 29th street downtown Billings, MT.

Featured Artist

Our artists for the art walk will be:

Nikki Shiva Digital-Acrylic Art
Hillary Taylor-Realism -Acrylic Art
Timothy Urlacher -Fractal/Abstract Art

Monica Moloney

Artwalk Raffle

Image created by Hillary TaylorWe will be raffling off an art piece from each of the artists for Art Walk attendees. Two 8×10 prints from Hillary Taylor with a 30.00 donation, One 18×18 pillowcase that is a digital art print by Nikki Shiva with a 90.00

You can also win all three raffle prizes with a 180.00 donation! Our goal is to donation 1/2 of the proceeds to family Services so all donations are helpful and greatly appreciated!

This will be an amazing artwalk because it launches our new style of work.

We will also be raffling off art pieces to support a wonderful organization that does a lot for the Billings, MT community!

The raffle will begin at 5 pm and end at 9 pm when the art walk is done.

We will post the winner of the event at Shiva Sly Designs and on our Facebook pages.

Please put the name of the artist on the back of the raffle the art piece which you would like and the amount of your donation.

Hope to see there!!


Abstract SeaLion by Nikki Shiva

Hi, Guys Looking forward to the upcoming  Artwalk!

So I am having an event at the YAM Artwalk Oct 5th, 2018 407 N27th st Billings, MT downtown where I will be showcasing some of my new art pieces! and I am so excited that Mikhail Farbrook agreed to be my Video Producer for this event because we will be presenting a new style of art that has been in the works for some time now! Mikhail Farbrook this is gonna Rock! We will do updates on our progress! See you there!

Nikki Shiva

Art Donation for pollination event

I was asked by St. Andrews church if I would donate one of my art pieces for their upcoming pollination event. They are hosting a Bee and Butterfly pollinating day to celebrate what bees and butterflies do for all of us, so I hopped at the chance! This is my first design so I wanted to share it with you guys and ask for you to come out and support their cause and look for this banner 😀

A Garden Of Colors by Nikki Shiva
A Garden of Colors was created to honor the beauty of nature.


Success is the name of the game and the goal for the future! This last art show was a success launching my new style of art, launching my new perfume oils and helping to reach clients in my community who haven’t heard of me. I Natures Essence was the name of our art event which I created with 3 other artists; Jim Seaton. Hillary Taylor, Mike Turley,  Daniel Bisso our coordinator and myself.
Natures Essence art show success by Nikki Shiva

We focused on sharing our individual concepts of Nature. We were granted the space for the show by Sharli Jo Ziebarth owner of Limber Tree located in downtown Billings, MT. Guests expressed how elated they were by the evolutionary progress my artwork has taken since many that evening had seen my earlier work (which was first launched in 2012 at the YAM downtown Billings.MT).

perfume fragrance oils success by Nikki Shiva

There was also an overwhelming admiration for the launching of new fragrance oils. I was told that the sweet, refreshing, and delightful fragrances which were samples during this show are creating a buzz and a high demand for the product. I am very happy with these reviews!

art pieces created by Nikki Shiva

Our next 2 shows are now in the preliminary phase but to give you a hint one is looking to be in June and the other in October.
I have decided that with there being an array of different materials in the world I will continue to evolve my products in a way that will truly demonstrate the high resolution, high quality and in-depth details of my art pieces.

Nauters Essence art show success! by Nikki Shiva
I will also create shows specifically for the variety of perfumed oils that I have created, beginning with some privately hosted parties within my local area, to vending shows, and then focus on touring a few states.
In the meantime, I am looking forward to sharing more and bringing exposer to Shiva Sly Designs.
Thank you all for helping me make this art show Natures Essence a success!