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Abstract artist Nikki Shiva

Just like the beauty which captivates you from the Monarch Butterfly, Shiva Sly exquisite fractal art images will leave you full of wonder and awe! Be the Monarch of your life by enhancing your home with our art. Shiva Sly Abstract Artists produce beautiful next-level art designs and images.

abstract art reptile by Nikki Shiva
Reptilian Heart

About Abstract Artist Nikki Shiva

Nikki Shiva orchestrates the progression of fractal art pieces which make it onto Shiva Sly brand art and apparel. Each piece is designed and developed with state of the art equipment and technology in order to produce the most fabulous expressions of art.
logo by Abstract artist Nikki Shiva

Art Decor by Shiva Sly™

Visit the gallery page and see some of our amazing stylish pieces for you to buy now for your home or business. Each piece will share to your clients what your deepest desires want to portray. You will convey that you and your business believes in being unique, creative and stylish. One look is all it will take.
Shiva Sly abstract artist designs offer Abstract art in canvas, aluminum, foamboards, skateboards, longboards, apparel, Mandelbulb videos from 30 sec to 3 minutes and Panoramic videos. Shiva Sly is a unique company offering many mediums in our diverse world.
We work with hotels, restaurants, private business companies, and home decorators. We work with sports apparel companies and with imagery sales for fabric companies, longboard imagery, skateboard imagery, and coming soon surfboard imagery.
Shiva Sly Art is abstract art working to become an international imagery business offering original content, high-resolution art, vibrant colors and a reflection of the infinite possibilities of sacred geometric art and our unique and diverse universe.
For more information on wholesale pricing, executive prices, large wall murals, art videos for art shows or parties,  please contact me.

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