Fractal Art History

Fractal Art is part of a new art movement and style that relies less on the steady hand of the artist and more upon the inherent complexity of life and our amazing world. Fractal art is a blend of old and new. It is a place where technology meets the natural world to create a magical artistic expression of atoms interacting with universes in panoramic displays of light, color, and movement.

Fractal Art’s History is a form of Algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images. It was developed in 1975 although the concept was first discussed in 1700’s . Scott Draves is credited with inventing “Flame Fractals” while Carlos Ginzburg explored fractal art and developed a concept called “Homo-Fractalus” which is based around the concept that the human is the ultimate fractal.
There are many kinds of fractal images which can be divided into several groups.
Fractals are derived from standard geometry by using iterative mathematical transformations on an initial common figure such as a straight line (the von-Koch curve), triangle (Sierpinski triangle), or a cube (the Menger sponge).   The first fractal figures invented during the 19th & 20th centuries belong to this group.

Fractal Art by Shiva Sly™

Fractal art’s history by Shiva Sly™ is an exquisite expression of modern art with a history as old as the universe itself. Fractals are the blueprint of our universe and the natural world, but they stretch beyond the fabric of our known reality.
Fractal art gives us the ability to use mathematical equations to model geometric harmonies intrinsic to nature, thus connecting human emotion, mind, soul and spirit within the macro-cosmic universe and micro-cosmic display of our world and the cosmos. At Shiva Sly we have created our own way of expressing nature and the cosmos!

Fractal Art: Our Story

Shiva Sly™ is the brand of designer Nikki Shiva.  Nikki’s love of fractal art grew as she found new ways of using the art to harness uncontrollable emotions and creativity.  By expressing her passions through fractal art forms, she creates a new form of timeless beauty and abstract reality. Fractal art is evident throughout nature and it is in nature where the designer finds balance and harmony within herself. Fractals are a present in our world, from the inside of a sunflower to the expansion of our Milky Way galaxy and into the depths of worldly creations. Nikki Shiva seeks to help people understand what fractal art is and how it is pioneering a new era of expressionistic and abstract modern art.

Shiva Sly Fractal Art Prints

Shiva Sly™ high-resolution art designs are available on canvas. These brilliantly colored, exquisite modern art pieces by designer Nikki Shiva are now available for purchase online. Each piece is printed using state of the art technology and shipped to your door! You can choose the size and design. Each graphic art piece is specifically formatted by the designer to fit the image size that you choose. In this way, each piece is unique depending on the aspect ratio (height x width). Each print is signed and touched up by the artist herself. Numbered prints are available for an addition cost. Please contact the designer directly to discuss purchasing numbered prints or attend an art show where her fractal art pieces will be available for purchase.

fractal art
G-SPOT by Nikki Shiva. Copyright by Shiva Sly 2016.

Nikki Shiva captures the inner essence of art in her theatrical designs. Her fractal art designs evoke emotions that focus the mind and penetrate deep into the soul. Pieces like “G-Spot” evoke passion and energy that is indeed rare and precious! Now you can own an original, personalized copy of this print! Personalized copies are signed, titled, and numbered by Nikki Shiva. Choose from an exclusive collection of her most admired designs and awaken your life to the exquisite beauty and passion that makes living in the experience of her art so amazing!

Fractal art’s history forms: A new medium of expression!

Fractal art is currently the only form of art which can be manipulated into many forms within itself. The fractal itself is never ending, and for that reason, the use of this art can expand into infinity!
Fractals have been a part of our lives from the beginning.  Fractals exist everywhere in the universe. Here at Shiva Sly we can now take it to the next level through the language of art.

Art Decor by Shiva Sly™

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Visit the gallery page and see some of our amazing stylish art pieces for you to purchase for your home or place of business. Each piece will express will inspire creativity and expand the mind. The art that you choose will convey to others that you and your business believes in being unique, creative, and stylish. One look is all it will take to make them wow and awe.
For more information on wholesale pricing, executive prices, large wall murals, art videos for art shows or parties,  please contact me at
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