Arts where it’s at

Arts where it’s art

So is arts where it’s at? I would have to say “Yes” why?

abstract gallery art piece by Nikki Shiva
Quantum Leap

Art is our way of sharing beauty with the world, yet it is also how we express ourselves. When you think of history from the beginning of humanity there has been art.  Cave art has been found around the world and scientist have shown that it was a way to express what the artist saw around them and express their creativity.prehistoric cave art as abstract art prehistoric cave art as abstract art

They have found 350 prehistoric art caves between France and Spain dating as far back as 25000 years ago preceding the end of the last ice age.  There are cave art depicting beings which aren’t familiar to us in our present time which leaves room to question was this their form of abstract art or something far more intriguing?

We say arts where it’s at because we see how we use art to another world into our reality like the wonderful artists create doing street art.

3D artWe have leaped into a time where we can create 180 viewed art pieces which simulate a repetitive pattern.

In our current age art has taken on many forms, from 2D to 3D and we have only touched the surface. Art is where it’s at because art is our direct outlet and unique to each individual person.

We have used art to share our fears, dreams, and aspirations from the beginning of time and we are not done yet.

Now that we have created the 3D printer man can set his reach further into the abyss of possibilities and truly let his imagination run wild.  To be an artist in the 21 century is an exciting gift for we are creating in untapped places and break boundaries set by a time with limited access and consciousness. Today we excel in the art field making “art where it’s at” by utilizing all of the gifts given to man.

Abstract art by Nikki Shiva
Gaia’s Aura