Art Decor by Shiva Sly – Music by Wildcat Enigma

Reflections:  Art Decor

ART Decor reflecting and animal spirit
Animal Spirit reflects the heart of a dragon. The being who would want this piece in their home would have a decor of a fiery energy. This person would be passionate and speaks through the heart.

Your art decor reflects who you are. A personas art decor is reflective of their creativity, personality and subconscious. In as the same way as ones taste in art decor represents ones self. When I create art I think about how diverse the world is and aim to show that diversity in each piece. Every art piece which is created is made to allude to someones personal style and there is sure to be one which will allude to yours. People love art and if asked there are a variety of different reasons; yet when you view a persons response from a distance it seems that the art piece actually speaks to the person. There seems to be an emotional connection which captivates the person. This is why so many feel a connection with an art piece.

It is the inner dialect which makes you and the art piece one.

Art Decor by ShivaSly™

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Visit the gallery page and see some of our amazing stylish pieces for you to buy now for your home or business. Each piece will share to your clients what your deepest desires want to portray. You will convey that you and your business believes in being unique, creative and stylish. One look is all it will take.
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