Art Walk

2019 art walkWe are excited about the upcoming June 7th  Artwalk!

I have done a few art walks but this one is different. Shiva Sly Designs will be having a fundraising raffle at this art walk for an organization named “Family Services” located at 1824 1st ave N ( which will be moving to a new location soon)!

Family Service

Family Service is an amazing company that has been around for 30 yrs helping the Billings, MT families and the community. It is a company I support highly!

Unlike most companies where donations are given and then used in a stair step leaving little to be used for actual families,

“Family Services” consistently uses their donations for the local families of Billings, MT with needs like utilities, food, clothing, etc.

We take great delight in being able to give back to Billings, MT and this art walk we will be able to do just that.

Artwalk Theme

created by Nikki ShivaThis year’s theme during the art walk will be featuring UV and neon artwork that will be shown under blacklight accentuating the art of each of the artists.

What makes this fun is that it creates a two in one art piece!

We will be holding the event at Limber Tree 212 N 29th street downtown Billings, MT.

Featured Artist

Our artists for the art walk will be:

Nikki Shiva Digital-Acrylic Art
Hillary Taylor-Realism -Acrylic Art
Timothy Urlacher -Fractal/Abstract Art

Monica Moloney

Artwalk Raffle

Image created by Hillary TaylorWe will be raffling off an art piece from each of the artists for Art Walk attendees. Two 8×10 prints from Hillary Taylor with a 30.00 donation, One 18×18 pillowcase that is a digital art print by Nikki Shiva with a 90.00

You can also win all three raffle prizes with a 180.00 donation! Our goal is to donation 1/2 of the proceeds to family Services so all donations are helpful and greatly appreciated!

This will be an amazing artwalk because it launches our new style of work.

We will also be raffling off art pieces to support a wonderful organization that does a lot for the Billings, MT community!

The raffle will begin at 5 pm and end at 9 pm when the art walk is done.

We will post the winner of the event at Shiva Sly Designs and on our Facebook pages.

Please put the name of the artist on the back of the raffle the art piece which you would like and the amount of your donation.

Hope to see there!!

My Journal 192, 2018

Hi Guys!

My Journal 192, 2018

I have decided to write my journal 192 for 2018

I have been introspecting about 2018 and Wow! the challenges that were experienced were bountiful, yet the growth and experiences were amazing too. I started  off with 2 amazing art events.;

Custom blend fragrance oils by Nikki Shiva
Shiva Sly Designs offers custom fragrance oils that when your natural pheromones are released combine with these pheromones creating a soft, sensual fragrance unique to you!

The first place is at an amazing yoga center in Billings, MT called #Limbertree where I launched my essential oil fragrance called  Shiva’sfragrance

Next, I had a show at Barjon’s bookstore which I created new art pieces on metal canvases. I was then asked by St.Anrews church if I would be interested in creating an art piece for their church commemorating the pollination of bees and butterflies. I donated the largest art piece that I had ever created to date, so I felt compelled and excited to formulate an image in a multi-genre style, so was very happy with how the image came out.

A Garden Of Colors by Nikki Shiva
A Garden of Colors was created to honor the beauty of nature.

I then went blank, my creative field and turned to help do some work with Billingslandscaping

I learned how to make amazing patios, waterfalls, and landscapes.

Gradually my call to art returned and I got into UV-neon painting.

Now one thing many who have been following my sites know is that I like freestyle work!

Whether it be in dance, singing, drawing etc I love allowing whatever it is that I am working on to manifest itself through me, instead of me trying to control what comes out.

So while watching a Youtube video on Acrylicpouring

I saw a unique way of once again allowing the images to pour through me in this media.

The Ancient One by Nikki Shiva

I had created over 17 art pieces each one portraying something or someone unique,

By the hand of God, I came upon a gift that had been sitting in front of me for years and I had no clue of it.

I was filming an art piece which I had just finished and lifted my hand away from the piece to turn off my phone and the light hit one of my fractal art pieces.

It turns out that many of the fractal art pieces which I created glowed under blacklight, and some even looked like an entirely different art piece!

At this same time, I asked the YAM museum if I could put a few art pieces on display and was told “yes”.

Cosmic Portal created by Nikki ShivaI wanted to show with lighting that the pieces at the museum where UV active but because of the other art pieces on display I was unable to.

The UV light could damage the other artists work and I did not want to take that chance.

I then proposed to a local nightclub called the Loft

a piece called “Cosmic Portal”  in a mad search through several printing companies in Billings, MT I was unable due to finding a company that specifically works with UV ink.

For this reason, I was unable to manifest this dream due to the cost that would be inflicted on the company and so I had to let that go for the time being.

At the beginning of 2019, I got into making bracelets, charms, anklets, and necklaces.

These are made of crystals, stones, and sacred beads, and are in alignment with raising the vibration of others and opening the chakras to allow enlightenment and ascension.

It is now 1/25/19 and we are heading to Vegas to promote my work, get my business name out and share everything that I have been able to create with the world!

I now close my Journal 192 and look forward to sharing with you more of my journey.

I see you 😀

Nikki Shiva

New Websites Linked to Shiva Sly

New Websites linked to Shiva Sly

perfume fragrance oils by Nikki ShivaHi Guys! So new websites linked to Shiva Sly
I am so backed up on things that I need to write about that I ask for you to forgive me 😀 So Jophiel Silvestrone is one of the best men I have met! He has created a new website for me I love this layout and am beyond grateful to him for all that he has done for me with all of my sites and sharing of my links ( his company skypoint has been helping me to recreate my image at theuniversalart and helped me to expand on I would love it if you guys would visit his page and the new websites that he created for me 😀 Also I am looking into adding a line of oils to my products with holistic healing abilities and will keep you informed to when this will happen 😀


Abstract SeaLion by Nikki Shiva

Hi, Guys Looking forward to the upcoming  Artwalk!

So I am having an event at the YAM Artwalk Oct 5th, 2018 407 N27th st Billings, MT downtown where I will be showcasing some of my new art pieces! and I am so excited that Mikhail Farbrook agreed to be my Video Producer for this event because we will be presenting a new style of art that has been in the works for some time now! Mikhail Farbrook this is gonna Rock! We will do updates on our progress! See you there!

Nikki Shiva

Art Donation for pollination event

I was asked by St. Andrews church if I would donate one of my art pieces for their upcoming pollination event. They are hosting a Bee and Butterfly pollinating day to celebrate what bees and butterflies do for all of us, so I hopped at the chance! This is my first design so I wanted to share it with you guys and ask for you to come out and support their cause and look for this banner 😀

A Garden Of Colors by Nikki Shiva
A Garden of Colors was created to honor the beauty of nature.

Custom Fragrance Oils

Custom blend fragrance!

Hi Everyone!, I have decided to offer you guys something unique! I am offering for 1-week custom-made fragrance oil for $25.00 or a sample bottle for $10.00! This is a unique blend that I will make just for you and for an additional $5.00 I will send you a small sample of my fragrance oil “Alluer”!

custom fragrance oils by Nikki Shiva
Shiva Sly Designs offers custom fragrance oils that when your natural pheromones are released combine with these pheromones creating a soft, sensual fragrance unique to you!

This is a unique blend that I will make just for you and for an additional 5.00 I will send you a sample of Alluer! So everyone who knows me knows that I love to blend scents and I have made several for friends who have asked “can you make a custom blend” These friends have suggested that I offer this in addition to the fragrances oils that I recently launched at my last art show, like “Alluer, Nektaria Fresca, and Wildcat”.

How this works is that you will send a request through and share a bit of information about you. What you like your favorite color is, what your favorite sport or hobby is, and with this, I will be able to create a unique scent for you! Once I have created this scent I will share with you what the different fragrance blends are and the medicinal properties that it offers. I will begin this offer soon, so keep an eye out for my new commercial! Have a Great day!

What is most exciting about these custom fragrance oils and the Shiva Fragrance oils, in general, is that it these oils blend with the client’s body pheromones instead of trying to disguise it. When you perspire most perfumes try to hide your natural chemicals creating a need for more perfume or other methods to disguise your natural body odor.

With these organic fragrance oils, there is no need to hide your natural scent because the oils blend with your body chemicals creating a soft refreshing aura around you which is very appealing to others. Just dap a small amount under your arms, behind your earlobes, behind your knees and anywhere else that you like and watch the effect that this oil has on you and those around you.

We should also mention that there are many healing attributes in many of the organic blends which I create. These oils have medicinal properties and depending on the individual blends these can bring serenity, sensual, harmonious feelings to mind when wearing them.

perfume fragrance oils by Nikki Shiva 

I will begin this offer soon giving me time to have this promotion added to my store for purchase. Also once I have created your unique scent I will share with you what the scents are and the medicinal properties that it offers (if any) and keep the ingredients for you for your future purchases. Keep an eye out for my new commercial because I will launch this offer shortly after  Have a Great day! PS Any questions DM me.


Success is the name of the game and the goal for the future! This last art show was a success launching my new style of art, launching my new perfume oils and helping to reach clients in my community who haven’t heard of me. I Natures Essence was the name of our art event which I created with 3 other artists; Jim Seaton. Hillary Taylor, Mike Turley,  Daniel Bisso our coordinator and myself.
Natures Essence art show success by Nikki Shiva

We focused on sharing our individual concepts of Nature. We were granted the space for the show by Sharli Jo Ziebarth owner of Limber Tree located in downtown Billings, MT. Guests expressed how elated they were by the evolutionary progress my artwork has taken since many that evening had seen my earlier work (which was first launched in 2012 at the YAM downtown Billings.MT).

perfume fragrance oils success by Nikki Shiva

There was also an overwhelming admiration for the launching of new fragrance oils. I was told that the sweet, refreshing, and delightful fragrances which were samples during this show are creating a buzz and a high demand for the product. I am very happy with these reviews!

art pieces created by Nikki Shiva

Our next 2 shows are now in the preliminary phase but to give you a hint one is looking to be in June and the other in October.
I have decided that with there being an array of different materials in the world I will continue to evolve my products in a way that will truly demonstrate the high resolution, high quality and in-depth details of my art pieces.

Nauters Essence art show success! by Nikki Shiva
I will also create shows specifically for the variety of perfumed oils that I have created, beginning with some privately hosted parties within my local area, to vending shows, and then focus on touring a few states.
In the meantime, I am looking forward to sharing more and bringing exposer to Shiva Sly Designs.
Thank you all for helping me make this art show Natures Essence a success!

Featuring New Artwork

Featuring New Artwork

featured artworkHi Guys! Well, I still have one project left before my featured new artwork is ready!! Since I know that everyone can’t make this show I want you to know that I will be publishing the photos taken at the art show here, so keep an eye out for that!! For now here is an image of one of my art pieces which is called “Sea Creatures” Some of the featured new artwork will be mounted, while, I have chosen to leave some as just the print for you to frame to your liking!
perfume fragrance oils by Nikki Shiva

I am also attaching the image of my new fragrance bottle logo, which will also be featured at this event! (These are handblown refillable glass bottles for 20.00 to 35.00 each, with sizes running from 2″-3.5″. All refills cost 10.00 and the order must be placed at They come in scarlet red, golden yellow, majestic blue, royal purple, teal green, and decorative assorted glass. We also have the traditional oil bottles available 5ml-30ml)
By the way, I am excited to say I have a commercial in the process of being made right now for my perfume oils! And have had amazing success with my fragrances! Hurrah! I will keep you guys up to date! See you soon!

2018 Artwalk

Hi Guys! 2018 #Artwalk is coming on April 6th

and we will have an amazing show! To follow the countdown or learn more about it visit Our show is called “Natures Essense” and the featured artists are me :D, Hillary Taylor, Michelle Brooks, Nathan Seaton and Jim Seaton. I want to Thank “Limber Tree Yoga Studio” for allowing us to have this show at their location, it means a lot and is a great location to have it! We will have refreshment so come enjoy the event, and look for this flyer! See you soon!

Shiva Fragrance Launches!

Shiva Sly Fragrances launches its perfume oils!
fragrance by Shiva
Shivas Sly Fragrance Launch

Origins of Shivas Fragrance

Shiva  Fragrance launches!  Nikki started blending perfumes and oils when she was still a child. Nikki seemed to naturally understand the subtle changes necessary to create delightful fragrances. Nikki has spent years studying the history of fragrances. She studied the history of perfumes ranging from ancient Eygpt to the designer lines from France to New York. For many years she had been asked about the many different fragrances she wore, and all though she gave the information freely her ability to blend the correct balance to her oils have been unmatched. Finally, she was asked to create her own line of fragrances. Now you can experience her passion through her specially blended exotic fragrances!

Shiva Sly fragrances by Nikki Shiva

Nikki Shiva has searched high and wide for a unique perfume bottle to accentuate the exotic scents which she has created. She has chosen not only to use the excepted essential bottles, but also the unique handblown alluring bottles which she found being made in Egypt and Morocco.  These are handcrafted bottles made with pyrex glass highlighted with 18 karat gold, with sizes from 1 1/2″ to 3″. Now you can enjoy the enchanting scents which she has created in a beautiful handblown bottle as well!

Shivas Fragrance Launch is Nikki Shiva’s wishes to share the unique gift given to her. Through the enticing scents of flowers, plants, fruits, and spices from around the world she can create the delights, heavenly scents, sensual musks, and the sheer joy of all that is around us in one little bottle. Try yours today!

Shiva’s fragrances use the finest organic terpenes from plants, trees, flowers, fruits and pure essential oil extracts from nature.

Choose from these fragrances by Shiva Sly:

  • Alluer
  • Buck Wild
  • Wild Catz
  • Paradise
  • Saint Germain
  • Johnny B Good
  • Young Stud
  • Velvet Ice

Hi, world! Time to tell my journal our next adventure! <3

Namaste 😀
I am excited to see my art taking on new heights. I have been added to a small group of artists in the downtown Billings,MT area 😀 We were selected to represent the local art scene by the DBA committee in Billings,Mt! We were to be given a traffic box to decal our art onto, I just happened to have been privileged with 2! I do very much appreciate this opportunity to show Montana my work and to take my resume to the next level! Now I look to have my art on as many traffic boxes I would be allowed; and then to move into the hospitality industry, from Billings, MT to Dubai! I am very excited to share this with all of you and look forward to reaching the next level in our endeavor 😀 I see you!

Nikki I Shiva <3

My Art Is Being Featured Downtown Billings, MT

Good morning world!! I just found out that one of my art pieces is on a Traffic Box downtown Billing, Mt! It is on the corner of N Broadway (which is N 28th) and Montana Ave 😀 I would love to hear what you guys think of the piece so give me your feedback! I am also attaching the photos that we took of it!An FYI They forgot to add my logo but said that they will be correcting this asap 😀 Have a Great day!

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