Shiva Sly Fragrance Launch!

Shiva Sly Fragrances is launching its perfume oils!

The oils are by Nikki Shiva. Nikki started blending perfumes and oils when she was still a child. Using flowers and essential oils she seemed to naturally under the subtle changes necessary to create delightful fragrances. Nikki has spent years studying the history of fragrances. She studied the ancient history of perfumes from ancient Eygpt to the designer lines from France-New York. For many years she had been asked what was the many different fragrances she wore, and all though she gave the information freely her ability to blend the correct balance to her oils have been unmatched. Finally, she was asked to create her own line of fragrances and so has now decided to pursue another passion of hers, blending exotic fragrances. Order yours today at!

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